CISVA Track Meet

Tomorrow… Wednesday, May 31st is the CISVA Track Meet (SWANGUARD STADIUM 3883 Imperial Street, Burnaby).  Be sure to;

  • arrive 45 min before your event and park in designated parking areas. Parking is often a challenge at this meet.
  • phone, email or return this paper if you have not already indicated your transportation plans for your athlete on the permission form or in an email to Mr. K.
  • ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing (sun hat, pants, sweater), water bottle and a healthy lunch.  There will also be a concession on site.
  • check in with a track coach if you are driving students when you arrive and before leaving the track.  If you are driving and watching in the stands please supervise the students that you drove (know where they are at all times).  If you are dropping off and leaving students with a track coach in the stands please let them know before you leave your student.