The Family Service Program

The Family Service Program serves two purposes:

  • To teach students the value of community service by observing their parents and family members working for the good of their school, Parish, and others.
  • To minimize costs, reserve fund saved for school equipment and improvements, and keep tuition low.

Parents of Cloverdale Catholic School students are asked to dedicate time each year to support a variety of school and parish activities. This way, every family plays a role in ensuring the success of the Family Service Program for the benefit of all CCS.

  • Every family contributes 20 parent participation hours per semester, including a minimum of 3 maintenance hours.
  • Term 1 runs from July 1st to December 31st, and Term 2 runs from Jan 1st to May 31st.

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Meet your Coordinators

Layna Neilson Family Service Coordinator

Layna Neilson
Family Service Coordinator

Andrea Thomson Work Bee Coordinator

Andrea Thomson
Work Bee Coordinator

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