PEC Minutes - April 2017

Minutes of Parish Education Committee Meeting – April 11, 2017

A. Call to order 

  • Meeting Called to Order at 7:10 PM
  • Present: Jason Borkowski, Luisa Cenedese, Viola Baptista, Derek Christo, Deborah Harms, Megan Bolton, Chris Brant, Father Anthony Ho
  • Absent: Layna Neilson

B. Opening Prayer 

  • Opening Prayer led by Deborah Harms.

C. Review of March 28, 2017 Minutes

  • Minutes of the March 28, 2017 meeting were approved by email.

D. Discussion Items

1. Chairperson’s Update:

  • PEC Elections are coming up the weekend of May 27-28. Luisa and Layna will be the nominating committee and will speak mass the weekend of May 6-7.

2. Principal’s Update

  • Parents are encouraged to attend a screening of the documentary Over 18 on Wednesday April 19 th at 6:30pm. Please note that this documentary is not suitable for children or teens, there will be childminding available. 
  • Staffing for 2017-2018 was discussed. 
  • We currently have 305 students, 15 of which are special education students for whom we have 15 Special Education Assistants. The school receives a per student special education grant based on diagnostic requirements and compliance with programming requirements. In order to maintain our inclusive community and to provide the best learning environment for all our students we are always striving to provide excellent Special Education. More information regarding Special Education funding can be found at education-programs- and-funding- independent-schools

3. Financial Report

  • The budget was reviewed and is on track for a break-even year.

4. Family Service Update

  • No update.

5. Maintenance Update

  • No update.

6. Parent Fundraising Group (PFG) Update

  • No update.

7. Secretary Report

  • No report.

8. Vice-Chair Report

  • No report.

E. Closing Prayer

  • Led by Viola Baptista.

F. Meeting Adjourned 

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM following the in-camera session.